Year by year the number of the children is growing, and the capacity of our premises are becoming too small. There are a lot of children on waiting list. It is distressing to refuse these children. For this reason we would like to extend the kindergarten, and therefore we have an investment plan: the construction of a new building. The task is materially beyond our strength, in spite of all these we believe that with the help of God it will come to a good end. After three years of constructing we plan to finish the new building till September 2007. There are huge classrooms and a gym hall waiting for the children.

In September 2007 we opened the new building for the children. We plan to renew the playground and the courtyard in Summer 2009.

Nine years ago the first generation finished.

At the present there is only one Reformed School in our town, Cluj. But as in the past there was only one Reformed Kindergarten in Transylvania, for many years, and now there are three, so will increase the network of schools too.


Words cannot express adequately our gratitude to God because He entrusted us with so many children who attend our kindergarten. Many parents consider important the teaching and education in a Reformed spirit. Among the parents there are ministers, professors of theology, workers, on the other hand members of the congregations alienated from the church. We hope that not only the parents can educate their children to believe but also children can lead their parents to dedicated life. It gave us great pleasure to hear that in a family the child going home from the kindergarten asked the parents to pray before meals as he was accustomed in the kindergarten. God is working in different ways and has an effect on people’s heart.

Hala We are thankful that God took care of us in procuring and obtaining the kindergartens equipments we have had need for. Our thanks go to those too who helped financially the low-income families in order to enable their children to attend our Reformed kindergarten.


imadkozasIn order to achieve our purposes is not enough to have the financial resources, the good equipment and the devoted activity of the kindergarten teacher’s, but what counts is God’s blessing. He can give reason and content to the teaching and educative activity in the kindergarten. From this follows that you, a parent, are asked to consider as your own issue what happens in our kindergarten. I ask you to pray for these children, who play, pray and learn in the kindergarten. Please ask for enough wisdom for the kindergarten’s teachers to educate children in true faith.

Financial aspects

The state do not meet the costs of education of these children, the Church is not capable of doing that for its huge expenses. In our case there are the parents who cover materially the expenses of the kindergarten and there are Christian families in West who contribute toward the activity of the nursery school. The also try to help needy families. Sometimes there are local, Transylvanian or foreign congregations, who help with their donations.

We are trying to find sponsors for the families with two or three children attending the kindergarten to make endurable the extra expenses. All those, who feel guided to help in this matter and cover the expenses of a needy child, can get in contact with the managing director of our kindergarten:

Prof. Rev. Dr. Lehel Leszai,
400161, Cluj, Romania, Str. Paris 13 - headquarters’ of the kindergarten
Phone: +40-264-594928, +40-745-518041)