CSEMETE promotes values of behaviour and community that have stood the test of time, enabling us to establish a loving, family atmosphere within the nursery and kindergarten. The headteacher and the board are committed Christians, and every area of nursery and kindergarten life is informed and shaped by our Christian foundation.

CSEMETE Nursery and Kindergarten is delighted to welcome children from any background, regardless of religion or belief, into our supportive and caring community.

CSEMETE has an integrated curriculum which enriches the learning experience by providing natural links across subjects. Children benefit from meaningful and stimulating activities which allow different skills and knowledge to be taught and enjoyed in the same lesson.

Small classes facilitate personalised learning for our children, and promote a loving, caring environment. We provide a very high quality of care for each pupil, with plenty of opportunity for one on one learning with the teacher. The curriculum is personalised to the needs and interests of the children. No child is lost in the crowd.

Children’s confidence and self-esteem are developed through verbal and written encouragement. We expect everyone to work hard and do their best and therefore every achievement is valued and celebrated, whether academic or otherwise.

We offer additional opportunities to extend the natural gifts, abilities and interests of every child through specialised after program activity clubs run by qualified teaching staff. Children can also benefit from the Optional Classes, our after program Music Club where they enjoy a variety of musical activities with supervision.