We envision a society where the children are free
- to know and serve God
- to play
- to get the best education in order to create as adults a better society for our grandchildren.


Our mission is to establish, run and make accessible Christian nursery schools for many children, in order
- to know and serve God,
- and through their impact to regenarate our society.

Principii de educație

We are convinced that the children who grow up in a peaceful, cheerful, loving and open atmosphere, have more chance to become a composed, happy, well-balanced, understanding, open minded, helpful, active and creative pupil, teenager and later on adult. The safe, friendly, play-oriented, understanding environment is of paramount importance for the children, where the kindergarten teacher pays her whole attention to the children, loves, takes care, teaches and educates them. For us each child is a unique, unrepeatable and separate individual, who doesn't have to be cracked by a certain pedagogical method, but he or she needs to be loved, to be understood, to be guided and supervised, in order to develop according to his or her own developmental timing. The resourceful love and ingenious play helps the child the best to develop its own talents and aptitudes.

Principiile noastre

• Wisdom asked and granted from God, Christ-like love and serving
• To recognize the uniqueness of the child and to develop his/her abilities in a responsible way
• To ensure freedom to the child, adopting rules that help the groundwork of the moral attributes and his/her socialization through the common activities and experiences
• The learning process is built on the child's activity
• Close collaboration with the family, and if need, help and care.



The main educational tasks

• To develop a healthy lifestyle
• To ensure emotional nurture and socialization
• To implement intellectual development and training
• To look after the child, and to meet his/her somatic needs and demand of movement
• To help the formation of harmonious and aligned motion
• To facilitate the development of the child's bodily abilities
• To safeguard and train the child's health
• To shape the practice of a healthy lifestyle, personal hygiene, and maintaining a good health
• To secure a safe and healthy environment which is necessary for the development and progress of the child
• To provide special care, prevention and correction during the somatic training with the help of specialists in the field if needed.


With the help of God, after 1989 the lives of Romanian people and of the Hungarian minority took a favourable turn. It consists of much trouble to build a new society with people of the old era, therefore we elaborated a new strategy. The hole society needed a change of generation and of mentality. The Israelites were delivered by God from the Egyptian captivity, and they travelled during 40 years in wilderness. During this time the old generation died out and a new generation, who knew no slavery, entered the Promised Land. Jesus says: “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins and be spilled, and the wineskins be ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” (Luke 5:37-38)

According to our strategy we have to pay attention to the children, we have to invest capital in them instead of waiting for the changing of existent, hesitant mentality. These children constitute the future, because after 20-30 years, we’ll pass on the baton to them, and they’ll take up our place.

This is the reason why we deal with the coming generation. In our opinion a young person can be of great use to the Church and to the society. The younger generation can be strong in its faith, profound in knowledge, well balanced in feeling, and strong in will. If we can educate prepared Christians to be physicians, teachers, politicians, ministers, men of low, artists, workmen, there is a possibility to exercise influence on the society, to shape the society and the way of thinking, mentality. The children of our kindergarten will be active for God as professing Christians. By this mean it can be diminished the secularization of the society, and the Church can become stronger through the local communities.