Dr. Emőke Lészai

She is our head teacher. She has a degree in Childcare, Pedagogy and Psychology. She has four children and has been teaching for 27 years. She is the founder of the first Hungarian Reformed Kindergarten in Transylvania. She is an internationally acknowledged kindergarten teacher, for having made exceptional contributions to enhancing children learning and enriching children experiences. Emőke also teaches our 5 to 6 year olds in the Chickadees group.

Katinka Aranka Mátyás 

She is our Hedgehogs group (3-4 year old class) teacher. She has a BA degree in Childcare and Psychology, at the Babeș-Bolyai University, where she finished with straight A's. She has been working with us for the last years.


Paula Harangozó

She is our Caterpillars day care group teacher. She holds a Pedagogical Diploma (BA) and a BA degree in Childcare. She takes care of our 1-3 year olds. She finished her studies at the Babeș-Bolyai University. She has experience in daycare so she is providing outstanding quality care and education for the children.


Vonó Beáta

She is our Chickadees group (3-4 year old class) teacher with Emőke. She has a BA degree in Childcare and Psychology, at the Babeș-Bolyai University,  Cluj-Napoca, where she finished with excellent marks. She has been working with us for one year. 

Ildikó Jakab-Ferkő Nursery teacher

Csilla Dénár - Nursemaid

József Crișan - Swim teacher

Kinga Szabó - Music teacher

Lehel Lészai - PC teacher

Nina Weber - English teacher

Erika Katrinecz - Ballet teacher

Orsolya Oláh Folk dance teachers

Melinda Jenei - Nurse

Katalin Kovács - cook

Ildikó Csorba - cleaner



The CSEMETE team is a vibrant mix of trained and qualified professionals, always happy to talk with parents and carefully chosen for their outstanding ability and experience to care for, assist and educate children. CSEMETE promotes the development of language by having a native English speaking teacher, in this manner accelerating the natural process of learning a new languageThe staff at CSEMETE have been meticulously chosen, not only for their experience and qualifications but their ability, commitment and empathy with children in their care. All nursery staff have regular first aid training.


Curriculum vitae: Dr. Lészai Emőke

I was born in Reghin, Romania. When I was five years old, my family moved to Târgu-Mureș where I lived the rest of my childhood. My mother was a nursery teacher and my father was an accountant for the state electrical facility. My father, my mother, my older sister and I attended a Hungarian Reformed Church where I was confirmed as a member of the church at age fourteen. I was active in the youth group. I attended Romanian state schools for Art conducted in the Hungarian language, graduating from high school in 1983. My father died in 1985. After graduation I studied at the Veterinary University in Cluj, Romania. During my university years I was active in a Bible study that deeply affected my walk with Christ and deepened my relationship with Him as my personal savior. It was at one of the Bible studies that I met my future husband, Lehel Leszai.

At that time he was studying at the Theological College here in Cluj with the aim of becoming a Hungarian Reformed minister. In 1988 I graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) degree and that summer married Lehel Leszai. We then moved to Targu-Mures; where my husband was assistant pastor of a church. I was assigned to a veterinary clinic near Bucharest but chose to stay with my husband and help him with the ministry of the church. Our first child, Orsolya (Ursula) was born in August of 1989, and I decided to remain at home with her. After the Romanian Revolution in 1990 we moved to a village near Cluj where my husband served as pastor of a church. There we had our second child, Lehel. After one year my husband received the opportunity to study for a year in Edinburgh, Scotland. This year of study would help lead to a Ph.D. from the Theological Institute in Cluj. We lived there for a year and a half and had a third child, Robert. From there we returned to our village and lived another year ministering in the church there. Then I began to serve as a nursery teacher and a religious education teacher in the village. In 1993 we moved to Cluj, where my husband began working at the Reformed Theological College. I was employed as a nursery teacher in Cluj and have worked in that capacity since then, except for a maternity leave for the birth of our fourth child, Ferencz. After three years of training I obtained my diploma as nursery teacher. I have had the opportunity to continue my education for nursery teaching and religious education by attending conferences in Hungary and England.

My philosophy of education is rooted in the concept that each child has value and is important to God. I wish to communicate to each child that he or she need not be “the best” in order to be accepted and loved. The Romanian educational system is “results centred” not oriented to develop children at their individual levels. The large class sizes make it impossible to focus on the child as an individual and develop the unique gifts that God has given each one. The smaller class size of our private Christian kindergarten will make this possible. I aim to make our school not only a private kindergarten, but a Christian one. I will attempt to communicate the love of Christ to each child as well as teach each one what it means to live as a Christian. It means more than believing certain dogma to be true. It means having a living relationship with Jesus Christ as one's personal Saviour and Lord.