Csemete Kindergarten

We are providing outstanding quality care and education for children between the ages of three and five years. It is our prime concern that children at the Csemete Kindergarten are happy. We provide for their education by giving each child dignity and self-esteem through a sense of achievement, be it academic, artistic or sporting. In these exploratory years, we offer a broad curriculum covering a wide range of subjects and skills so that by the time they leave us our pupils will have begun to identify individual areas of talent. Thus, in a positive and stimulating enviroment we ensure that each child achieves the best academic results of which he or she is capable.

One of the qualified nursery teachers is a native Hungarian speaker, the other one is English speaker, so the children we be able to hear and learn another language easier in the following years. A balanced combination of age-appropriate free and structured play will be in place with education, indoor and outdoor as well. We have a large outside area where children can play happily and safely. We have a large supply of play equipment. The kindergartenand playground are harmonised with the EU child safety requirement standards. The children will be taken out locally to parks, the Botanical Garden, the post office, etc. Our annual kindergarten outings are to places of interest such as the farm, the zoo, fire department or model village. 

Our Kindergarten program is designed to help children acquire  the skills necessary for lifelong learning.  The program areas include languages, math, science, technology, sports and arts.  During these early years, play is an important way of learning.  With a focus on developing personal and social skills, children learn about the world and how it works, about other people, and about themselves.


We are now OPEN and parents can complete an application form and reserve a space by contacting the kindergarten on +40745518041.

If you wish to book in advance for your child, we will allocate a space or put your child on a waiting list until a space becomes available. If there is space immediately available we will contact you for confirmation and will require one month’s deposit to hold the space open.

Please call to reserve a show around!