Részletek az angol oldalon

(Honlap kiegészítése folyamatban....)


Children identify where their voices come from and how sounds are made and formed. Young kids get the opportunity to develop rhythm and timing, improving diction, alongside learning popular show songs. (Read more at the Music class option)

Dance classes
Working in a group, children learn fun and contemporary routines, which help improve coordination, balance and spatial awareness, while developing strong motor skills. 

Drama classes
Through role play and improvisation young children get to stretch their imagination, experimenting with words and feelings. By interacting with others in the group they learn vital social skills such as giving, taking and sharing. In themed fantasy worlds and through storytelling kids can express themselves physically and emotionally, learning new words and phrases while memorising lines through repetition.

In the CSEMETE Nursery and Kindergarten your child can learn:

  • folk dance and 
  • social dances as well