School year's structure


7 September: First day in the CSEMETE Nursery and Kindergarten

26 October - 1 November: Autumn holiday

23 December - 4 January: Christmas holiday

2 - 9 April: Easter holiday

1-31 July: Extra Summer Nursery, Kindergarten Playing School and Swimming course

1 August - 3 September: Summer holiday

6 September - 31 July 2022: playful learning


Enriching the Kindergarten Program


Kindergarten excursions are arranged throughout the year to enable children to have ‘first hand’ experience with their environment, and to compliment and enrich the educational programs provided.

Advance notification is given for these events, as no child is to leave the kindergarten grounds without parent’s permission.


Entertainers are arranged to perform during the year either at the kindergarten or in the local community to also enhance their kindergarten program.

Special Occasions

We celebrate children’s birthdays and relevant cultural celebrations at the kindergarten.  If you do intend to provide a celebratory cake, individual cup cakes are preferred (something in a patty case) as the children easily handle these.  It would be appreciated if you could inform the staff on the ingredients of the cake so we can determine suitability for those children with allergies. 

Special Activities

Special Activities’ are regularly organised throughout the year to offer children opportunities to engage in particular creative art, craft and cooking experiences.  We also celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.



Religious Education

Month Theme Golden Saying (Aphorism) Chant Complementary Activities
Sep. Jesus loves the Little children. (Mark 10:13–16) Mark 10:14 Jesus loves all the little… Sticking of the children’s photos of the group. Getting acquainted plays.
Bible as the God’s Word (Psalm 119:89) Psalm 119:89 185. Come and sing Faces of potato-printer. Children of different nationalities.
About the praying (Psalm 116:1-2; Philip 4:6) Prayers 255. Come and sing (C.S.)

257. C.S.

Making of psalm- impressions Movements of the hand-gestures. Dramatization.
The history of creation – the first two days (Gen 1,1–8) Gen 1,1 92. C.S. Booklets about the history of creation.
Oct. The history of creation – the third and the forth days. (Gen 1:9–19) Psalm 136:7–9 90. C.S. Identification and grouping of plants; tasting of vegetables, fruits. Making of Sun- shredding, sticking, cutting, sticking of stars and the Moon
The history of creation - the fifth and the sixth days(Gen 1:20–31) Psalm 8:5–9 92. C.S. Looking at the animals, selection of them. Recognizing of the animals by the sounds. Making of Birds-mobils, of fishes. Play of angling. Drawing: I look like that.
The history of creation – the seventh day. (Gen 2:1–4) Repetition

Listening of music

59. C.S.

Ending the booklets about the history of creation. Playing a visit to church. 
How can I take care of the created world?(Reading the pictures) Repetition Repetition With the help of adults cleaning in one park not far from the kindergarten.
Nov. Fall into sin. (Gen 3) John 14:21a 2. C.S. Twisting serpents of yarn. The face of Adam and Eva before and after the Fall into sin.
Obedience of Noah. (Gen 6:8) John 14:21a 2. C.S. Puppet-show Painting of rainbow or sticking. Animals from plasticine and papers by folding
Obedience of Mary and Joseph. (Luke 1:26–38) Isaiah 9:6 28. C.S. Nativity play. Making of manager
Dec. Shepherds and angels. (Lk 2:8–20) Luke 2:11 22. C.S. Making of angels, cutting, sticking, making of shepherds from bottles.
Coming of wise men from the East (Matth 2:1–12) Matth 2:2b 18. C.S. Making of crows. Discussing about presentation. Distinction of aromas
Repetition Repetition Nativity play. Feasting with the parents
Jan. Repetition of Christmas history. 38. C.S. Our Christian symbols – making of salt-plasticines.
The twelve years old Jesus in the temple (Luke 2:41–52) Luke 2:52 38. C.S. How to build temple of cubes, Lego Making of scrolls- paper spillkin.
The wonderful fishing (Luke 5:4–11) Luke 10:27 Peter, John, James the fishers… Imitation sounds-games. The sounds of the sea. Fish-cutting, paper-cutting. Fishing-play. Boat-folding. Fish-scale drawing. Netting.
Feb. The good Samaritan. (Luke 10:25–37) Luke 10,27 248. Reformed hymn-book Select the merciful children among the other children, and draw a red heart around them.
The story of Zacchaeus. (Luke 19:1–10) Luke 19\:10 212. C.S. Building of wall of fortress, and the gate. Dramatization. Making of purse. Coins making of plasticine. How to lay the table. Rule of conduct of the hospitability.
Mar. Healing of a blind men. (Mark 8:22–26) Mark 8:24a 15. Ref. H. Blind man’s buff. Distinction of noise; sounds.
The parable of the sower (Luke 8:4–15) Luke 8:8a 209. C.S. Planting of grains.
Jairus’s daughter restored to life (Mark 5:21–24.35–43) Mark 5:36 217. C.S. Painting in watercolours.
Apr. The triumphal entry of Jesus. (Matthew 21:1–10) Matthew 21:9b 109. R.H. Making cutting of palm branch
Crucifying an resurrection of Jesus. (John 19–20) Matthew 28:6a 41. C.S. Drawing of experience. Crucifix’s folding, cutting. Foot race to cavern.
Jesus appears to this disciples (Luke 24:36–46) Luke 24,36b 241. R.H. Talking about the fear. What am I fear of? Drawings.
Making preparations for the Mothers Day Making presents for the Mother and Grandmothers. Flowers, good wishes
May Jesus ascends to Heaven (The acts of the apostles 1:1–14) The Acts 1:11b 37. R.H. Clouds - cutting, spitting; Mobils.
The first Pentecost. (The Acts 2:1–12) The Acts 2:4a 131. R.H. Coloring of flames with French chalk.
A lame man healed. (The Acts 3,1–10) The Acts 3,6b Repetition Coloring of human form. Talking about the muscle. Our symmetrical parts of body.
Philip and the Ethiopian treasures. (the Acts 8:26–46) The Acts 8,37b 203. C.S. Meeting with missionaries. Playing, letter-writing.
Jun. Repetition Drawings (free).