Computer skills

Using Technology with Kindergarteners

The key to using technology with little ones is to keep it simple and keep it fun.

Kindergarteners need specific skills to use the computer:

1. Mousing skills

The first skill is the ability to click the mouse once while controlling its placement. Specific sites allow children to practice a curriculum skill while learning to control the mouse. The object to be clicked are large, so mouse placement can be practiced succesfully. When children can complete the activity quickly, usually after several two or three minute practices, you know the skill has been mastered and the child is ready to move on to the next skill.

2. Drag and drop

Drag and drop is another skill that might take some time to achieve successfully. In the Space Game the objects are large, and children can practice clicking, holdong down the button, and maneuvering the object with the mouse. After children are proficient, they can go to a smaller target. Animal Game offers smaller items to select, demanding greater mouse control. Some children might need to practice for a while before on to other activities that require mouse skills.




3. Keyboarding skills

After many five-minute sessions practicing mouse skills, children move on to keyboarding skills. Kindergarteners probably can't use the correct fingers, but they can learnwhere the letters are on the keyboard, and they can use just their thums for the space bar, which aligns their hands in the right areas for tha natural progression of keyboarding skills.


When used properly, computers and other technology can help children learn, both in short, simple lessons and as an integral part of larger, more complex, projects. Including technology as a part of classroom activities can motivate students and allow them to learn and share their understanding in a variety of ways.



Kids love using the computer and feel very grown up. In addition, they are increasing their computer skills while learning valuable information.